Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quadcopter Review

The Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias boasts of 6-axis flight system and three customizable flight modes. It is built with a 2.4 GHz radio frequency and high-intensity LED optics for night flying. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and comes in four different color schemes.


The Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad is a lightweight unit that is built with molded-composite frame for durability. It comes in four different colors and runs on 4 AAA batteries.

This quadcopter is designed to be crash-proof which makes it suited for beginners who are still learning how to fly multi-rotor vehicles. And many users have attested to the durability of this product.

“Well it’s plastic with electronics so if you beat it up repeatedly it will eventually break or not fly as well. But I’ve crashed this thing on pavement, I’ve flown it from a 23rd floor balcony where I lost it and it flew about 3 buildings over. I just turned of the TX and went looking for it. It had some scratches and dents but still flew perfectly. So yeah, it’s pretty durable but not invincible.”—Amazon user comment

The unit also comes with integrated high-intensity LED optics light so that users can also fly this quadcopter during night time. Plus, this quadcopter has low battery indicators for the transmitter and helicopter receiver.


Users can choose from any of its three customizable flight modes—easy, fast and expert.

The easy mode runs on auto-leveling with limited flight angle which makes it perfect for beginners. The fast mode is on auto-leveling as well but it has more aggressive flight angles and users are allowed to do one-button flips, rolls and twists. The Expert mode on the other hand turns off the auto-leveling feature and lets the flyers adjust the rates and do manual maneuvers.

The manufacturer claims that the motors of the Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad is 50 percent more powerful compared to other quadcopters in the market.


But many users, or the majority of those who have tried this quadcopter have complained that the motors are defective. Many users have relayed that the unit will fly for a couple of minutes then the motors will stop working completely.

“Motors fail. Quad will not maintain altitude at first, then the motors will die completely. There is no known fix yet.”—Amazon buyer comment

“No matter how careful you are with LaTrax Alias, motor is almost guaranteed to break within weeks/months. One of the motors broke 2 weeks after I purchased and used only twice. I contacted Traxxas for motor replacement since it was within 30 days warranty and they were being so stubborn, refusing to give me a replacement unless I’m willing to pay for it. I had to fight long and hard just to get one motor replacement.” —Amazon buyer comment

“Don’t buy this. LaTrax knows there is a motor problem. If your lucky they may send you a set of new motors like they did me but those lasted less 5 flights. Save yourself the time and money. Buys something else. LaTrax or Traxxas customer service is bad” —Amazon buyer comment

Ease of Use

The Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias is ready to fly as users simply need to charge the batteries to start flying this unit.

This quadcopter also has low battery indicators for transmitter and helicopter receiver, as well as telemetry-enabled battery fuel gauge making it easy for users to know if the unit or its parts is running low on power.

The quadcopter comes with 650mAh Lithium Polymer (LiPo) that allows users to fly the unit for around 15 minutes of straight flying which is higher than the usual 6-8 minutes for other quadcopter batteries.

What the Users are saying

The Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Helicopter has received a rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars among Amazon reviewers. Almost 35 percent of those who have tried this product have given a rating of 5 stars while around 30 percent have given it a rating of 1 star.

This quadcopter is heavily criticized for the defects of its motor. Even those who liked the performance of this product commented on the problems with the motors.

“Excellent quad. But had to return it due to the motor problem people experience. Not in the mood to go fixing it or buying replacement motor. That’s the only reason to give it 4 stars. It doesn’t deserve any lower as that is the only flaw and it’s known. Excellent flying and handling. The pre-programmed stunts are awesome too.”—Amazon user comment.

“Fairly easy to fly and fun but the motors can go from the smallest crash, requires special tools to replace motors and props (not included) control is very easy to use’ throttle can be a little touchy the air frame is very durable but like i said the motors are not and replacement ones are expensive. i had mine for 2 days crashed once and killed two motors.”—Amazon user comment


  • Three customizable flight modes
  • Comes with and runs 650mAh LiPo batteries that can last for 15 minutes of non-stop flying
  • Flies fast
  • Ready to fly; no assembly needed
  • Crash proof design which makes the body durable


  • Defective motors; many users have complained that the motors stopped working after a couple of uses or did not work at all.


You may want to think twice before getting the of Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Ready-To-Fly Helicopter. As the majority of those who have tried this product complained that the motor failed to work or have stopped working after a couple of uses. This quadcopter, after all, is notably more expensive than other quadcopters in the market.